Studentcare Vision Network

Our vision is something we can easily take for granted and get lazy about regular check-ups. No, eating a bunch of carrots is not enough! Proper vision is important for everyone, and problems with your vision can have significant social and financial impacts. With proper care, most eye-care problems are preventable and that’s where your Health Plan comes in. 

Most eye care specialists recommend seeing an optometrist for a comprehensive examination every one to two years. This also depends on your age, risk factors, and whether or not you wear corrective lenses. Many vision-care services are not covered by provincial health care. Our Plans can include savings on eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery, and even accident coverage.

To keep your eyes healthy, Studentcare has partnered with several leading vision care providers of optometry services and vision care products to create the Studentcare Vision Network. A complete list of our Vision Network providers and the discounts offered can be found on our website  Students can combine these Vision Network deals with their Health Plan’s vision coverage to make visits to the optometrist even more affordable!


Did you know that when Studentcare was first founded, we had a different name? That’s right—we went by That now seems very 90s, but it did incorporate an important aspect of our identity that sets us apart from our competitors: our Networks!

Studentcare has developed an innovative program of Health & Dental Provider Networks, all administered in house, that delivers both immediate and long-term cost savings. We pioneered this concept in 1996 and now boast an established national Network of over 3,000 health and dental professionals across Canada who, conscious of the frequently precarious financial situation of students, agree to provide substantial savings exclusively to students at our partner student associations and institutions.

Across Canada, our Networks provide students with collective savings totalling over $15 million each year. These are tangible savings that are tracked and reported.

The Networks were created to help students obtain quality care at an affordable price. Our goal is simple: to encourage students to seek care when they need it, not just when they can afford it. The preferred pricing offered by these practitioners lowers out-of-pocket costs for students and tackles the costs of claims at the source. And of course, although taking advantage of Network deals means extra savings, students aren’t limited to visiting Network practitioners only; they’re covered for the insured portion of their student Health & Dental Plan regardless of the professional they choose.

Our Community Involvement: Moisson Montréal

Studentcare continually looks for new ways to get involved with the student community and their families, not just because it’s that time of year and we’re feeling the holiday cheer, but because we actually care.

In 2017, we decided to give back to Montreal families by partnering with Moisson Montréal’s Feeding the Holiday Spirit and The Great Food Drive for Children campaigns. Founded in 1984, this non-profit organization is now the largest food bank in Canada thanks to its food recovery and distribution programs. Each year, Moisson Montréal distributes over 15 million kilos of food donations and other essential items to Montreal families.

In collaboration with the organization’s leaders, we decided to get involved in two different ways. During the holiday season, we set up a blue barrel bearing the Moisson Montréal logo in our head office in Montreal to collect non-perishable food donations from our employees. We also volunteer twice a year at the Moisson Montréal warehouse to help sort the donated boxes and food items. These volunteer opportunities allow our employees from different departments within Studentcare to team build while making a collective self-donation.

As Joey says in Friends, there is no such thing as a selfless good deed since doing things for others makes us feel good, and that’s fine with us. We feel good about giving back to the community, and we’ll continue looking for ways to get involved in ours.

Order An Angelot

The end of the semester means the perfect opportunity to grab some drinks! After that last dreaded exam, we know students like to celebrate, because we did it too! Unfortunately, your friend Julie isn’t coming out tonight, so you won’t have your secret “Scratch your nose and I’ll come rescue you” emergency code the two of you arranged to get each other out of a bad situation. This is why we came up with the Order an Angelot initiative, an effective alternative to your friend Julie.

Order an Angelot aims to combat sexual violence in student bars and at student events. Our initiative is inspired by similar campaigns around the world, such as Angel Shots in the U.S. and Ask for Angela in the U.K.

Our goal is simple: we want to make your parties and events safer by preventing sexual violence and providing protection to those who don’t feel safe.

Participating bars and other institutions place a sticker on the front door and display clearly visible posters in the bathrooms. This way, if someone feels unsafe, they can notify a staff member by ordering an Angelot. All staff members in bars and at events are trained to help you and your friends.

Members of your association can therefore celebrate the end of the semester, organize a spaghetti dinner, or have a drink at the local campus bar in peace!

For a list of all participating bars, visit

Studentcare Mobile App

We know everyone has a mobile app these days and it’s all “old news” but we’d still like to take a minute to #humblebrag about ours. In 2013, Studentcare created Canada’s first fully functioning student health plan app that enables students to submit claims directly and securely from their smartphone by taking a snapshot of their health-care receipt. The app is free, quick, easy to use, and paperless, allowing us to reach our sustainability goals while also maximizing convenience for our members and respecting their environmental priorities.

The app has undergone multiple upgrades and has been successfully launched to over 75 student associations and with three different insurers across Canada. We have had approximately 200,000 downloads and over 800,000 claims processed. While simplifying and speeding up the claims process, the app also fulfills our mandate to serve students in the medium of their choice.

Save yourself that postage stamp money and start sending your claims through the app!

Empower Me

As former students, we know what it’s like trying to juggle everything that life is throwing at you. You’re trying to study for that physics exam but not become a complete social hermit while also attempting to make a steady wage to pay for all that pizza and coffee that keeps you alive. Just thinking about it has us feeling stressed out and that’s only a part of what it means to be a student.

We get that life can be hard for all kinds of different reasons and that’s why we launched the mental health and wellness service, Empower Me. This program provides a full suite of mental health services and resources tailored to you. Studentcare has had a longstanding concern for student mental health and wellbeing. In a survey conducted in 2016, 54.5% of surveyed students stated they had personally experienced a mental illness. Mental illness is a major issue in our society; it affects the way people think, feel, behave, and interact with others. Mental illness can take many forms, have different symptoms, and affect people differently.

Empower Me allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues 24/7 every day of the year. That means that there is no need to put off that phone call to another time that fits better in your schedule because we’re working around your schedule! We know it sounds cheesy but we mean it when we say no issue is too big or too small to contact an Empower Me professional.

If you need any kind of support, call the helpline at 1-844-741-6389.

Did you know you have a lawyer friend?

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought, “I wish I had a lawyer friend to give me advice”? We certainly have, and that’s where the idea for our Legal Protection Program came from. We’ve partnered with 2 law firms to give student Plan members access to a legal assistance helpline that allows them to consult a lawyer or notary, as well as legal representation so you’re never left without that lawyer friend.

Our legal assistance helpline can provide quick legal advice, whether it’s for a problem with your landlord, a new work contract, or an issue at school. There’s no need to be shy about any of your questions, as no topic is off-limits—the helpline even covers criminal law and any inquiries you might have about edible gummies.

As for legal representation, a lawyer will help you by taking charge of proceedings related to housing, employment, and academic rights. When we say legal representation, we mean you’ll be covered for lawyer fees, court fees, attendance fees, or anything else that comes with legal pursuits. Whether it’s the first time or the 21st time you’re encountering a legal problem, do it stress-free!